About Us


The YLT Scholarship Foundation is a Christian charitable organization with fundamental beliefs centered around the Lordship of Jesus Christ and the authoritative nature of Scripture.

our mission statement

In his formative years after the Korean War, the founder of the YLT Scholarship Foundation encountered significant barriers to education due to a challenging and impoverished family environment. Although he harbored a strong desire to pursue academic studies, the practical concerns of his family’s survival compelled him to abandon his educational aspirations. Nevertheless, he remained unwavering in his faith in God, endeavoring to live as a devout Christian before Him. Pleased with his dedication, God bestowed abundant blessings upon him. Consequently, the founder’s personal experiences with poverty and limited educational opportunities fostered a deep empathy for financially disadvantaged students and those in similar situations. The founder established the YLT Scholarship Foundation as a means to fulfill his Christian duty and mission to share God’s grace with those in need. Specifically, the founder aims to accomplish the following objectives through the foundation.

The primary objective of the Y.L.T Scholarship Foundation is to offer assistance to promising Christian students in their pursuit of proper education, thereby enabling them to cultivate a sound and healthy character, intelligence, and spirituality. YLT scholarships may provide strength, courage, and hope to Christian students from challenging backgrounds, allowing them to grow as future leaders.

By providing these scholarships, students will have the opportunity to become valuable members of society, equipped with the skills and knowledge gained through their education. As they enter various fields, they have the potential to expand God’s kingdom by being agents of God’s grace and love. Our hope is that these scholarship recipients will always remember the grace of God and be inspired to support other Christian students facing challenges in the future.

The YLT Scholarship Foundation goes beyond just providing a one-time scholarship; it also remains committed to praying for the students and fostering ongoing relationships to develop the next generation of leaders. In order to achieve the foundation’s goals, we aim to collaborate with leading professors and accomplished alumni in various industries to provide students with assistance in areas such as career guidance and spiritual counseling.