2023 Canada YLT Scholarship Application
2023 Application

1. Personal Information

Please write your legal name spelled same as your identification.

Parents’ Names or Guardian’s Name:
(only if you are Grade 12 who are applying as a newly accepted and expected enrolled in September)

2. Education

3. Professional or School Affiliations

4. Work Experience

5. Personal Statement

  1. Both English and Korean are acceptable. (Type using Arial, Font 11; Limit 750 words) (한글은 고딕체 사용)
  2. Attach a document that describes your life in whole including but not limited to your family background, spiritual development, your participation in Christian communities, vocational calling, your passion, goal and/or academic vision for the sake of serving your neighbours and expanding the kingdom of God as well as an explanation why you believe you should receive the scholarship (750 words).
  3. File Name:
    • Modify file name to “Personal Statement_(your fist and last name without space)” i.e., Personal Statement_JoshuaKim.PDF

6. Official Transcript

  1. Scan your academic transcript(s) and save as a single PDF file. Unofficial transcript(s) in PDF format are acceptable only for the purpose of applying process in this stage.
  2. Please note that sealed Official Transcript(s) issued from your institution are also required via mail. Any discrepancy during verification process may result in disqualification of the application.
  3. If you are entering the second or subsequent years of post-secondary education in September 2023, we require transcript(s) from all of post-secondary school years that will be completed by April/May 2023.
  4. File Name:
    • Modify file name to “Official Transcript_(your fist and last name without space)” i.e., Official Transcript_JoshuaKim.PDF

7. Letter of Enrollment (Current Program)

  1. File Name:
    • Modify file name to “Letter of Enrollment_(your fist and last name without space)” i.e., Letter of Enrollment_JoshuaKim.PDF

8. Letter of Acceptance (if applicable)

  1. Required IF you are entering first year of university in this year.
  2. File Name:
    • Modify file name to “Letter of Acceptance_(your fist and last name without space)” i.e., Letter of Acceptance_JoshuaKim.PDF

9. Two Letters of Recommendation

  1. File Names:
    • Modify file name to “Letter of Recommendation 1_(your fist and last name without space)” i.e., Letter of Recommendation 1_JoshuaKim.PDF

10. Financial Need Summary (only if you are applying as need-based scholarship)

  1. You may submit your financial need summary for additional consideration.
  2. If you are NOT eligible/applying for student loan(s), you must include the reason(s) for non-eligibility.
  3. Your summary should include the following list:
    i . Outline the budget (all expenses) for the 2023-2024 academic year.
    ii. Provide all income sources (e.g. jobs, savings, bursary, scholarships and loans).
    iii. Identify your financial shortfall (total expenses – total income sources).
    iv. How do you intend to manage your shortfall?
    v. If you are not eligible/applying for student loan(s), explain why.
  4. File Name:
    • Modify file name to “Financial Need Summary_(your fist and last name without space)” i.e., Financial Need Summary_JoshuaKim.PDF

11. Notice of Assessment (IF submitting financial need summary)

  1. If you are submitting the financial need summary (# 10), then you must provide a scanned copy of your and your parent(s)’ 2022 notice of assessment (NOA) from Canada Revenue Agency.
  2. You may blackout/cover SIN or other confidential information, if preferred. For scholarship winners, we will require SIN later for tax receipts.
  3. If you do not have a 2022 NOA because you were not required to file an income tax return, then you do not need to include your NOA.
  4. File Name:
    • Modify file name to “Notice of Assessments_(your fist and last name without space)” i.e., Notice of Assessments_JoshuaKim.PDF

12. Religious Affiliation

Please attach your Church Bulletin (주보)
  1. File Name:
    • Modify file name to “Church Bulletin_(your fist and last name without space)” i.e., Church Bulletin_JoshuaKim.PDF

13. How did you hear about Canada YLT Scholarship?

14. Supporting Documents (Original/Physical copies of the required documents)

After submitting this online application form, you are also required to send the original copies to the address below BEFORE August 18TH, 2023. The committee will not accept any mails after this date.
Canada YLT Scholarship Foundation
3555 Don Mills Road, Unit 18, P.O. Box 137, Toronto, Ontario, M2H 3N3
Required Documents
  • Official Transcripts for the past two(2) semesters (sealed if possible)
  • Letter of Enrollment (MUST BE Full-Time)
  • Letter of Acceptance (if applicable)
  • Two(2) Letters of Recommendation
Additional Required Documents for Selected Candidates:
All selected candidates will be individually notified by email from admin@yltcanada.ca. Ensure to check your junk/spam folder regularly. Upon notification, the following items MUST be submitted (via provided online form) in 2 weeks:

(a) Scholarship recipient remarks (maximum 250 words): With your sincere appreciation, state how the scholarship will have a positive impact in your life or to achieve your goals, and briefly discuss your future plans (academic, community work and/or career). This may be included in the award ceremony program booklet and published on our website.

(b) Video clip for the award presentation (maximum 2 minutes): The video clip may be used for the awards ceremony and our website. If the file size is large, submit the file by sharing the downloadable link.

The candidates who fail to submit the required items by specified deadline will be deemed as having declined the scholarship.

YLT Scholarship Awards Ceremony

Every scholarship recipient (or a family member) is encouraged to attend the YLT Scholarship Awards Ceremony. The event will be held in-person this year (Date: tentatively on Thursday, August 31ST). The exact location and time will be notified via email.

I hereby declare that:
  • The information I have submitted in this application for the scholarship is true, correct, and complete to the best of my knowledge.
  • I understand that submission of any false documents will result in the immediate cancellation of my application.
  • I understand that completion of this signed application permits Canada YLT Scholarship Foundation to request and/or confirm any information necessary to support my application for scholarship.
  • I understand and acknowledge that it is my responsibility to be aware of, and comply with, all Canada YLT Scholarship Foundation terms and conditions for the scholarship.
Privacy & Data Protection

The information collected on this form is used by Canada YLT Scholarship Foundation for the adjudication and administration of the scholarship. The institution collects, uses, and discloses your personal information as permitted or required by applicable privacy legislation. By submitting your application and agreeing to the terms and conditions, you expressly consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of your personal and educational information as described herein and are hereby notified that your personal information may be accessed and stored outside of Canada.

  • Canada YLT Scholarship will be only applicable for applications from July 13, 2023 until the August 13, 203 intake.
  • Students must provide the required supporting documentation; incomplete applications will not be considered.
  • Students only need to apply once to be considered for the scholarship for the duration of their studies with Canada YLT Scholarship.
  • Recipients of scholarships must maintain the required registration status, remain in good academic standing, and have no disciplinary sanctions (academic or conduct) throughout their studies to remain eligible.
  • If the recipient withdraws or applies for a refund, the scholarship will not be considered when calculating the refund amount.
  • Scholarships are not transferable to other students.
  • Payments will only be applied to the tuition fees. Scholarship recipients are responsible for paying all fees not covered by the scholarship.
  • Decisions of the Canada YLT Scholarship Committee are final.

By submitting this application form, you agree to all the Terms and Conditions related to scholarships as set out by Canada YLT Scholarship Foundation.